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When introducing your company to a new client or customer you have a big opportunity to make a positive and lasting impression. Enter the branding video; an effective and creative way to communicate your company’s goals, culture and product offering. Most importantly, brand videos are a compelling way to visually tell your unique story.


A product video is an explainer video that effectively demonstrates the benefits of a product. While many product videos focus on the features of the product, we concentrates on how the product relieves the pain points these clients may encounter. A demo video increases conversion rates by providing a creative and engaging story that demonstrates how the product functions in the real world, and what kind of impact it has.


Television commercials is to persuade consumers, will incorporate catchy jingles or catch-phrases to generate a sustained idea. Television commercials may also pawn gags that appear in periodicals, television shows, comics, literature, films, or any other forms of media.


Live event visual amplification is the display of live and pre-recorded images as a part of a live stage event. Live performance events including theatre, music, dance, opera, use production equipment and services such as staging, scenery, mechanicals, sound, lighting, video, special effects, transport, packaging, communications, costume and makeup to convince live audience members that there is no better place that they could be at the moment.


Explainer videos show your product or service in action in a simple, pithy, often tongue-in-cheek style and quickly communicate your value proposition, while having a little fun at the same time. The popularity of the explainer video has skyrocketed in recent years, especially among start-ups. With so many new companies needing to get the word out, and because social meeting makes that so easy, explainer videos are the perfect way to get your product to the front of the pack.


Wedding Cinematography is a new term that sounds more and more couples who is to be married and are seeking videographers for their wedding. A Wedding Cinematographer elevate the classic wedding video to a wedding movie like a director in the film industry, by taking breath taking shots of your wedding day, edited on film music within a unique story line. A Cinematic Wedding Film lasts about 30minutes and it continuously holds the attention of the viewers.


Events and Sizzle reels showcase your work and amplify your accomplishments. They can help you get the recognition you deserve, win the next gig or speaking engagement, impress investors, or position you as the company hero.


Modelling Shoot is generally used in the fashion or glamour industry, whereby a model poses for a photographer at a studio or an outdoor location where multiple photos are taken to find the best ones for the required brief. The ``model`` is not always a person, however; for instance, advertising in print often requires photographic depiction of advertised goods, and food can be the subject of magazine articles.


Green screens are everywhere in filmmaking. They’re arguably the most-used visual effect in storytelling outside of credits or title sequences, and they can open up infinite options for your project. But you’ve got to be able use them correctly to get the best results and minimize the amount of time and money spent adding VFX to your film.